Stalaggh – Projekt Nihil

Let’s start with the understatement that this is not an album to play if you want to get in a good mood. Because the sounds that Stalaggh offer us are really nightmarish. Their debut “Nihil” was released in 2003. The Belgian/Dutch project which I suspect has its origins in the black metal scene, has now also a new cd filled with extreme sounds out called “Projekt Terror”.
“Nihil” sounds somewhere between nasty noise and bleakest ambient, with heavily distorted guitars and tormented screaming vocals added to the dense mix. According to the bio, Stalaggh consists of persons who “suffer from real mental illness who transform their fear and pain into sound”. Apparently they want to propagate the “sonic ideology of human genocide”.
Certainly extreme and nihilistic, but not something I will enjoy playing often.

artist: Stalaggh
label: New Era Productions
details: 1 track, 34 min. [NEP03]