STandART – Corrosion

The band STandART started in 2002; so far they’ve released 4 singles on their own including the maxi-single “Corrosion”. They gave several concerts a.o with Camouflage during their “Relocated Tour” and with the Swedish trio LOWE.

Their newest release from 10th November – “Corrosion” – comprises of 12 tracks most of which are remixed somehow. It also holds 3 bonus MP3 and videos: “Corrosion “, “Energia”and “Long-haul trucker’s dream”.

“Corrosion” seems to hold to a rather stable line of moderate vocals and melodious sounds that neither kick nor surprise. David Gahan’s vocal – that was my very first impression connected with StandART music. Then the impression gives way to the feeling of ephemeral, emotive playing, but the association with Depeche Mode is unavoidable. The pulsating rhythm and catchy melodies leave no room for doubts.

The songs on the album base mostly on stable rhythms, gentle, warm vocals, a bit trembling, but surely emotional and a delicately swinging background. The voice of Kalvis sounds best on “Aslan’s song” – it is highly thrilling and appealing, sounds deeper and more engaged than on other songs. “Aslan’s song“Jelgava mix is quite the exceptional one, too – has an oriental tint to it.

My personal favorite is “Animals on the road!” in Rabar the project remix – it’s a bit trance, moderate and yet stunning, perfect for a little mental relaxation in a dark disco hall when the only company is strobo light.
Like I said, there are some remixes of Corrosion which are probably the most outstanding and constitute an exception to the said stable electronica line of the album. They hold a faster speed, stronger beat and more intriguing sonic effects, especially the Hien Night and Troubleshooter remixes which appealed to me most.

All in all, “Corrosion” keeps the pace of synth pop, electronic melody created by analogue synthesizers. It could be treated as a lounge album, so slowly and lazily it runs, relaxes or chill out room music album if it wasn’t for the remixes that give the sparkle and a dose of energy to the CD.

artist: STandART
details: cd, 15 tracks, november 2006 [HRXCD4]