Starving Cell – untitled

A new name for me, the UK project Starving Cell. All I know is that the tracks are written and produced by someone called Luca Piscopo. This untitled mini cd is released by Fleshmadeword Records. Labelhead Dave Dando-Moore, also active in Detritus, took care of the production.

The first track, ‘Winter wasteland’, starts with an appropriate dark ambient atmosphere, but after two minutes suddenly harsh noise erupts the tranquility of the surface, followed by some anxious beats and sounds. A strange combination of elements is created, at times I even hear some ethnic sounds, and there is a lot of variation in pace and rhythm. ‘Carcinoma’ directly starts with some dark drum & bass, soon enforced by a powerful technoid beat. But just when I want to write that it might be suitable for the dancefloor, various complex intervals follow, with a chaotic, noisy sound.

‘Daisy Cutter’ continues the structured chaos, with glitchy sounds and sudden turns. There is a lot of variation in this track, which makes it exhausting to listen to. ‘Twilight State’ offers the tired listener some rest with a relatively relaxed intro. Not for long though, soon the distorted, estranging sounds break the peace, and after 2,5 minutes the beats and rhythms get outright violent and vehement, what an attack! ‘Sewer parasite’ follows next, the title sounds threatening, and of course the song isn’t too friendly too. It starts with a scary soundscape, with some voice samples, followed by a complex combination of beats, which really hammer at times. The cd is closed by a short outro, a little soundscape with some sampled voices.

Phew, that were 25 strenuous minutes. An interesting and varied release by a promising artist. But I think I will put on Classic FM on my radio now…

artist: Starving Cell
label: Fleshmadeword Records
details: 6 tracks