Stille Volk – Maudat

Stille Volk is a French (neo)folk and medieval group. Their music is for the greatest part based on the Keltic tradition, but the group is not afraid to use other (traditional) influences in their music.

Maudat is their fourth cd and like the previous records a concept album. This record tells the tales about a sorceress that travels into a phantasmatical universe full of myths, legends and visions. Musically the cd varies between up-tempo tunes like ‘Cassandre Sylvestre’ and darker laments like ‘La Meneuse D’ours’.

The acoustic music of Stille Volk is an original mix of Celtic and medieval influences. People who like lively folk and medieval dance tunes should definitely listen to this album.

artist: Stille Volk
label: Holy Records
details: [HOLY 84]