Stin Scatzor – Industrogression

Stin Scatzor is an act I know since the early 90’s, when the project emerged in the Belgian EBM scene around Suicide Commando. Stin Scatzor is one of the better acts with the typical cold electro sound for which Belgium is famous, in the tradition of The Klinik, Dive and Suicide Commando. Stin Scatzor made some solid releases for Ant-Zen, Possessive Blindfold and Out of Line. Now they have found a new label with the Polish Black Flames Records.

“Industrogression” is a fitting tabel for the hard-hitting, explosive mixture of EBM and crossover which Stin Scatzor brings us on this album. Future-pop fans should better hide! The oldschool electro beats and sounds are pounding hard, the melodies are dark and threatening. The harsh vocals are shouting the usual texts as ‘Let me burn in hell’ or ‘I am the tumor in your head’. But the music is now enforced with surprisingly loud guitars. Normally I don’t like this mixture a lot, but I must say that it is effective in this case. The guitarwork is less one-dimensional than usual in industrial crossover music, but is also not too dominant, it mainly gives the music more aggression and rawness. I can appreciate Stin Scatzor more than the recent work of Terminal Choice for instance. There is not too much variation on the album, all tracks are hard-hitting, so I find it hard to pick out single tracks. Perhaps the Feindflug-like ‘I will die’, ‘Blood’, which starts with a restrained first part, before getting really loud and hard, almost punk-like, or the pounding ‘Adrenalin’.

It’s loud, energetic, in-your-face music. Not too surprising or subtle, but very suited to let off steam, stamp your feet and do some headbanging. ‘I wanna see your blood on the dance-floor!’.

artist: Stin Scatzor
label: Black Flames Records
details: 10 tracks [BFCD 015]