Stone Breath – The long lost friend: a patchwork

Stone Breath is one of the projects in which the American Timothy Renner is involved. Some of his other acts are Mourning Cloak, Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree. He is specialized in a traditional type of folk music, in a long tradition of acid/psych/wyrd-folk. Stone Breath plays tranquil, poetic music, lead by acoustic guitars and melancholic voices of various male and female singers. As usual the virtues of nature play an important thematical role, Stone Breath takes you to their remote cabin deep in the forest.

‘The Long Lost Friend: a Patchwork’ is a very pleasant dreamy album to listen to, with a lot of feeling. Nice acoustic rural folk, sometimes melancholic, at others times haunting or dark, with a few experimental droning elements. The album also has some ritual qualities, with often mystical, magical texts. It can’t get much more traditional than the banjo sound of ‘Treehugger’. The album is divided into three parts: ‘Stones Breathed’, with the most basic songs. Mostly older material which was never included on previous albums. ‘Stones Gathered’ consists of cover songs of the likes of Syd Barret and Donovan, and sounds somewhat less accessible. ‘Stones Cast’ is recorded live, with a fuller sound (more percussion and flutes).

In total no less than 73 minutes of music on this cd and certainly value for money. If you like acts like In Gowan Ring, and have an interest in 60’s/70’s psychedelic folk and artists like Donovan, Barret or Nick Drake, this album by Stone Breath is not one to be missed.

artist: Stone Breath
label: Perun
details: 18 tracks [run 0404]