Stormfågel – Den Nalkande Stormen

From the very first sounds until the last tones this record surprised and impressed me. Stormfågel delivered a powerful album with a mixture of neo folk, pagan folk and ritual music. Also some traditional European folk influences are to be found, mostly in the singing. The vocal parts often have an Eastern European touch. Bombastic elements spice up the music and ritualistic melodies give the songs a shamanistic feeling from time to time.

Towards the end of the album the songs become more militant sounding (for example ‘A Poison Tree’) and show some resemblance to the harsher moments of Hekate.
If you like neo folk music that has a real link to folk music, or are looking for a more original sound in that genre, this record is not to be missed.

artist: Stormfågel
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: cd, 10 tracks [CMI149]