Stormfågel – Kinder der Vergangenheit

I received this obscure promo cd-r by Stormfågel a few days ago. Judging by the name, this is probably a Swedish project. On the booklet we see the well-known logo Puissance also uses: planet earth in flames, penetrated by two swords. Furthermore there’s a picture of children with guns on the backside of the cover. All in all, I expected some non-original mediocre militant music in the vein of Puissance, Toroidh, and the likes.

I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the three tracks on this promo. Track 1 starts with heavy drumming, orchestral arrangements, speech samples, and a nice violin melody. Quite good actually.. the music is really melodic, yet has a sombre and destructive feel, indeed the same nihilism Puissance is well-known for. Track 2 is alright, but not as convincing as the first one. Track 3 is a nice piece of orchestral arrangements, timpani, percussion and speech samples. It nicely builds to a rhythmic piece which is well-structured and interesting. The heavy sound of a horn (I think) really adds to the atmosphere.

In short, quite a pleasant listening and more original than I thought at first, although it does sound a bit too “homemade” at times.

artist: Stormfågel
label: self-released
details: 3 tracks