Stratis – Herzlos

That is right, there are 23 tracks on this disc! So you will get over 70 minutes of music. More important you will get over 70 minutes of quality music.

Stratis is a German electronic project. The works on this cd-r show a great diversity in styles and forms, from minimal and elektro to wave and experimental music and even some oriental influences on a few tracks. What gives these tracks a uniform identity, is their moody atmosphere and nice wavish sounds.

This is both a good record to play in the background when working, as to sit down and listen to with full attention. The overall mood is quite relaxing. There are only a few up-tempo tracks like the minimal ‘Herzlos’, the spacey electro piece ‘Technotown’ and the electro pop song ‘I Fotia’. Very nice are the dark soundscape-like tracks ‘Orange’, ‘Komm Zu Mir’ and ‘Morgengrauen’.

Herzlos is a very interesting cd with music for people who like their electronic sounds with a traditional touch.

artist: Stratis
label: Temporary Music
details: cd-r, 23 tracks [TM002]