Sturmpercht – Stürm ins Leben wild hinein!

Sturmpercht is a young Austrian folkloristic group, from the musical environment of Allerseelen. I saw a performance of them in Venice earlier this year, which was very entertaining, though a little chaotic. This album sounds more professional, but also has a distinct cult charm, probably because Sturmpercht puts quite some humour in their music.

The music on this album, released by a subdivision of Steinklang, is rather varied to say the least. The first track is for instance very nostalgic and folkloristic, almost a parody of traditional German/Austrian folk music, with thick accent vocals. The next piece is a nice tranquil atmospheric soundscape piece with whispered vocals and accodion sounds. Absolute highlight is the excellent third track ‘Frisch auf zur Schlacht!’, a bombastic orchestral piece with heavy percussion, reminding a bit of more martial work of Orplid.

The fourth track then again reminds me more of Bavarian hunters, with a thick horn sound and exaggerated theatrical vocals. This could have been included on the ‘Wo die wilden kerle wohnen’ project. I wonder if Death in June fans appreciate the Sturmpercht version of ‘Little black angel’, which is now transformed into ‘ein gebratenes Hähnchen’…

A highly entertaining album, which combines quality folk/martial music with strange folkloristic muzak. Sturmpercht will appeal to fans of Waldteufel, Novy Svet or Allerseelen, I assume. This band has also released some limited singles and appeared on the ‘Secret Lords’ and ‘Wir rufen deine Wölfen’ compilations.

artist: Sturmpercht
label: Percht
details: lp, lim. 375 [Percht 02]