Subinterior – Insomnie

This is the second self-released cd-r I hear of Subinterior, a dark ambient project from Italy. This time Andrea Freschi treats us to seven soundscapes, which are at times noisy and discomforting (‘Black distortion’, while at other times they just sound empty and calm. Heavily manipulated experimental sounds, subtle feedback and droning frequencies. A track like ‘Il guardiano del nulla’ is almost unbearably slow, with distant drones. Very dark and minimal ambient. Overall ‘Insomnie’ is well done and succeeds in building up an obscure atmopshere. For me personally Subinteriour sounds a bit too minimal though here. ‘Insomnie’ is not an album which will relax me bore going to sleep: though the music is dominantly tranquil, it has an ominous mood which will give you restless dreams.

artist: Subinterior
label: self-released
details: 7 tracks