Subliminal – Gracebudd

From the mental institution called Galakthorrö comes this album by Subliminal. The most well-known band on this label is Haus Arafna, and the music on “Gracebudd” can be compared to Haus Arafna, although there are some important differences. Subliminal sounds a bit less insane and scary than the older Haus Arafna material, and maybe is more structured and “heavy”, with more low tones in the music. After the intro called “Import”, the first real track “Hate me” starts off and can be described as well-structured danceable noise. In a way this sounds a bit like the Haus Arafna party hit “Für Immer”, but more extreme.

Okay, I notice that I use the Arafna comparison a lot, which does not do justice to Subliminal’s music. This is definitely not a plain copycat, but just 12 tracks of high quality and well-structured music, with some tracks being quite danceable. The sampled vocals and voices sound scary, overall it’s music to torment your neighbours with. So if you’re into Haus Arafna (hehe) and other Galakthorrö material, you’ll definitely enjoy this album.

artist: Subliminal
label: Galakthorrö
details: released in 2000