Sulphur – Der Fluch Des Lebens

Darkambient, industrial soundscapes have the tendency to drag the listener away from this world into a much darker one, where they will have the chance to look around and see all kinds of nightmares in desolate lands. This seems to be what Sulphur is trying to reach as well, but most of the time fails to accomplish.

Sulphur is a project of Adelaide based Michael Szysz and hails from the earlier project “Sechzehn Smerzen”. The project tries to reach out to the user by producing a dark rumble and adding effects, samples and small melody-lines to that. Nothing new here, and this exactly is the problem with this release. It isn’t bad, but as a listener I want to be surprised, and I am not, nothing I hear drags me away, nothing takes me by surprise. Heard it all before.

No more words on this release, industrial soundscape fans might give it a listen.

artist: Sulphur
label: Cranial Fracture
details: 2004, 10 tracks