Sumugan Sivanesan & Dur?n V?zquez – Product

Product is a split CD, in the good old ?vinyl? tradition, between Sumugan Sivanesan (from Australia) and Dur?n V?zquez (from Portugal). The first 8 tracks are by Sivanesan, and the other 7 by Vazquez. There are also two data tracks and an empty track to separate the two artists.

Both artists create experimental music with a lot of influence from electro-acoustic music as well as from noise/soundcape music. Sivenesan?s work is noisy, and sounds like he is (ab)using his guitar amplifier with static. Vazquez?s work is more quiet and introvert, although sometimes a bit of noise surfaces. Both seem to involve a lot of guitar, although the actual (traditional) guitarsound remains obscured. Both artists also seem to favour the low end of the perceptional spectrum, because everything is filled with bass.

All in all an interesting ‘split’ release.

artist: Sumugan Sivanesan & Dur?n V?zquez
label: Cr?nica
details: [Cr?nica 007~2003]