Supreme Court – Yell it out

Supreme Court is a side-project of Kay Härtel, who is best known as the mastermind behind Davantage. “Yell it out” is the second CD of Supreme Court, bringing 55 minutes of EBM to the listener.

The album-title explains itself right away when I start reading through the lyrics. Clear themes are set out, against mass media, in favor of freedom of speech but especially directed against organised religion (just read the text of “Corroded Brains”).

But the music does also yell out, old school EBM brought to the year 2005, very danceable, almost forcing your feet to move. Every track again has this feature, then again, this also brings with it that the tracks start to sound the same too much. I at least find it hard to concentrate on the music for the full 55 minutes this cd lasts.
Not too suprisingly Supreme Court sounds a lot like Davantage, the same rhythms, the same distorted voice of Kay Härtel. Then again this cd is just a bit more complex then the work I start to expect from Davantage, which is a point that Supreme Court holds over Davantage.

Looking at the album, I think it might very well contain one or more floorfillers (Mass Media Murder, Natural Born Victims), but tends to be too little varied for the home-listener.

artist: Supreme Court
label: Black Rain
details: 2005, 12 tracks