Survival Unit – Running on Emptiness

In the cute 3” format comes this 3-track cd from Survival Unit, who are not known for their cute music. This Swedish project around K. Olsson brings us power electronics, sounding grim and mean, with a monotonous distorted industrial sound, harsh vocals and low basses. It is released on Death Aesthetics, a new sublabel of the American label Somnambulant Corpse. The first track, ‘Desperate Hours’, indeed sounds rather desperate, like all hope is lost. Towards the end the music gets less monotonous, with more noisy elements and high frequency. Throughout this mini cd though the tempo stays rather slow. The three tracks are not separated frome each other, they form one long noisy composition. I kinda like the relentless machine-sound in the second part.

The music on this cd is not very revolutionary, just classic power electronics. But you won’t be displeased by “Running on Emptiness” if you appreciate artists like Brighter Death Now or Atrax Morgue. Survival unit have mistreated their machines in a competent manner.

artist: Survival Unit
label: Death Aesthetics
details: 3' cd, 3 tracks. 200 copies.