Swann danger – Swann danger

Last year a lot of good gothic rock has been released. Swann danger is on of the latest new bands that are among the best new comers I have heard. The five tracks on this EP are, together with the latest Black Ice EP, the best new material that has been released the last months in the post-punk/gothic rock genre.

Just as Black Ice, Swann danger plays well thought out and artistically interesting music. Expect no loud guitars and straightforward drums, the music is subtle with great attention to mood and atmosphere. Next to that Swann danger makes use of unusual song structures and rhythms, which is clearly portrayed in ‘All is forgiven’ and ‘The now is mine’. Songs like ‘Motion to bliss’ and ‘Blood and glory’ can easily compete with the best Siouxsie material.

This EP is an exciting, at times almost psychedelic, listening experience. Swann danger is an asset for the post-punk / goth scene. The Swedish label Release the bats must also have thought this, because early next year they will re-release this EP on vinyl. It is for sure that this band is going to be big (in the underground).

artist: Swann danger
label: self-released
details: 5 tracks