Synapscape – Hands on Centrozoon

Synapscape is well known for its industrial and noise sounds. This EP is not a new record by the band but a collection of reworks they did for the electronic pop group Centrozoon.

According to the liner-notes Synapscape manipulated and mutated the original songs. The new version of ‘Pop killer’ is indeed extremely mutated. This version has nothing in comparison with the original version. The quiet pop song is turned into a rhythmic industrial track.

‘Girl of the week’ sounds very dance-like but with a rhythmic noise feeling to it. The nicest song is ‘Little boy smile’, which is quiet and beautiful. It is a welcome intermezzo because the next two tracks are loud and heavy again. ‘Healing the land’ is a good noisescape with a nice structure. The closing track ‘Bigger space’ is a harsh industrial dance song with very poppy vocals. A weird combination that works surprisingly well.

Hands on Centrozoon is a nice EP. Synapscape really has taken the songs under construction, and have not just done another lame remix. Due to this new tracks are created. This is a nice EP while waiting for a new album.

artist: Synapscape
label: Ant-Zen
details: cd-ep [act 157]