Syndicat Electronique, Le – Grandeur Et Decadence EP

Le Syndicat Electronique is one of the most important and productive representatives of the European minimal electro scene. For the occasion of this 7” release A//, the one responsible for the music, has left his homebase and own label Invasion Planete.

Grandeur Et Decadence is a limited edition single and all you might expect from Le Syndicat Electronique. This little piece of vinyl features four nice, slow, dark and minimal electro tracks. A song like ‘Connaissance’, for example, is doomy and very rhythmic orientated with lots of clicks and bleeps to accompany the main rhythm. The titletrack is a strong minimal electro wave song with a nice and mysterious feeling to it.

With this 7” Le Syndicat Electronique treats the listener again with high quality old skool electro music. Keep an eye out for this release and more exciting releases later this year.

artist: Syndicat Electronique, Le
label: Disorder Records
details: 7', 4 tracks. lim. to 300 copies. [DSR 02]