Syndicat Electronique, Le – Lebenspornografie O.S.T.

Lebenspornografie is a violent and dark realistic film by Dutch director Edwin Brienen. The film is about a group of people who try to set up an erotic show in a Berlin nightclub. When the show fails the group falls away in alcohol abuse and sex excesses. At one moment the virgin Maria manifests itself to the group and offers them to become happy. But happiness is not the same for everybody.

This is the perfect script for Le Syndicat Electronique to produce a last masterpiece of decadent minimal elektro for. As Lebenspornografie is nothing but a masterpiece. Le Syndicat Electronique takes you away into his world of darkness and light with minimal rhythms, dark pulsating sounds and slowly evolving elektro tracks.
Also fans of early industrial will not be disappointed as in some tracks the harsh and raw electronic sounds are very close to old style industrial music (‘Excès and ‘Final’).

Excellent are ‘Thème’ and ‘Sur La Route’. Both are hypnotizing tracks with perfectly structured addictions to the basic track, so you never loose your attention.
The track ‘Trouble’ is an instant classic. It has a touch of down tempo early EBM and dark new beat. If you can resist this piece you must be completely insensible. But that counts for this whole album. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the genius in this music simply doesn’t want to.

The last statement by Le Syndicat Electronique (the project has become a label now) is a masterpiece.

artist: Syndicat Electronique, Le
label: Invasion Planète
details: lp, 9 tracks [IP020]