Syndicat Electronique, Le – Nouvelles Pièces Dissidentes

This is the second release of the promising Cabinett Records. The first release was a record of Echo West, a very successful minimal electronics album. Le Syndicat Electronique (main project of A//, also label boss of the Invasion Planete label) is one of the most prominent minimal elektro/electronics acts from the European underground.

Nouvelles Pièces Dissidentes is not really a new record, but a compilation of material recorded between 1997 and 2003. Despite this, and the variety of tracks, the record sounds like a whole. One track is for example more industrial like (‘Faux-semblants’), another minimal elektro (‘Aux morts’) and in between the listener is treated to an analogue noise intermezzo (‘Beau sapin’).

The inspirational bands for Le Syndicat become very clear on Nouvelles Pièces Dissidentes. Great musicians from the European electronic tradition like Can, Kraftwerk and Front 242 have left their traces in this music.

Le Syndicat Electronique pays respect to the tradition and Cabinett Records shows again good taste and knowledge of the contemporary representatives of that tradition.

artist: Syndicat Electronique, Le
label: Cabinett Records
details: cd/lp, 11 tracks [KA105]