Syndicat Electronique, Le – Philosophie

Invasion Planete is the French equivalent of the Dutch Bunker Records (home of artists like Legowelt and Rude 66). Le syndicate electronique is the primary project of label boss A//. Fans of contemporary electro music will be pleased with this new Philosophie album because it is a double vinyl with music that really adds something to the genre. The sound of Le syndicate electronique is recognizable by its minimal character and its dark atmosphere.

“Philosophie” is not an easy (danceable) album while it is a more about the ideas and sounds that make up the music. The music is gloomy and has a lo-fi feeling to it due to the dominant analogue sound. Besides that there are lots of tracks, like ‘Coexistence’ and ‘Systematic Tanz’, that don’t work with a typical dancefloor structure. Due to this “Philosophie” may be seen as a dark interpretation of Kraftwerk material as to be found on an album as “Radioactivität”.

There are some danceable tracks on this album but none are instant hits. A song like ‘Sacrifice’ for example is very dancefloor friendly but has a long intro. This structure is what makes the song nonetheless very exciting. Another dancetrack is ‘A l’intérieur’, but this song is a bit slow and very minimal and therefore not suitable for the average dancefloor. “Philosophie” is not an easy record but it is an original, even a bit arty, and dark electro album.

artist: Syndicat Electronique, Le
label: Invasion Planète
details: 2lp. IP014