Synthetic Dream Foundation – Quench

Although the bandname made me think of synthpop, the music on this cd proved to be different after a few notes. The cd of this for me unknown act starts with a roaring thunder, after which a voice tries to hypnotize you… Then some quiet electronic ambient sounds follow, which become more complex gradually with some drum & bass beats. The Synthetic Dream Foundation is based in Oklahoma, USA and describe their music as: “Mechanical beats interlaced with narcotic melodies. Experimental electronica with a focus on industrial, dark ambiance, neo-classical, and evil, atmospheric DnB”.

Well, I couldn’t have said it better… SDF makes dark sounding experimental ambient music, with enough technoid/ D & B influences to make sure it is not relaxed or laidback. The music is certainly rich with ideas and sounds. Perhaps the production could be a bit more powerful. A good track is ‘Regenerate’, that starts as a dreamlike soundscape but evolves into something darker. ‘AngelFire’ is a piano-driven nice classical composition. To prove the variation of SDF it is followed by an electronic piece called ‘The Procedure’, with electro beats and horror samples. All in all a varied album for open-minded listeners.
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artist: Synthetic Dream Foundation