Synthetic Dream Foundation – Sound organized in time

That SDF has potential is something I already knew through their previous cdr “Quench”. This album, also released through, was reviewed by me earlier. On this new release, ‘Sound organized in time”, SDF again manages to create an original sounding, diverse album of electronica. Most songs are rather soft, with an ambient sound. They generally have estranging elements, like the ‘underwater sound’ of ‘Regenerate’ or the cyber bleeps of ‘Black trust the spider’. There is a complete lack of vocals, but I don’t miss them, because the electronic ambient succeeds in creating enough emotion and atmosphere.

There are also some nice classically inspired pieces, like the opener ‘Flickering Embrace’. The Synthetic Dream Foundation is in any case not afraid to experiment. On a few tracks some beats, rhythms and noises are incorporated, but this never results in really harsh industrial, in general the pace stays calm. Not all tracks are a success in my opinion, so is the strange soundscape ‘Scaring the flowers’ rather superfluous. And the unresty beats of ‘Silicon’ make me a bit nervous, it spoils the atmosphere of the softer tracks a little. But as a whole, the tracks on this release are definitely above average. It is time SDF gets an ‘official’ release with a good production.

artist: Synthetic Dream Foundation