S.Y.P.H. – Rare & lost into the future

From the late 70’s untill into the 80’s S.Y.P.H. produced some wonderful albums with music somewhere in between (post)punk, Neue Deutsche Welle and new wave. This album with previously unreleased material is compiled by the original group members themselves.

The twelve tracks featured here give you an idea of the sound and songs by this band, but not completely satisfying. This is a nice document but it contains not the best material by this band.

I am sure die hard fans of this group, and other 80’s German NDW bands, will like this compilation a lot. Other people not so familiar with S.Y.P.H. should better try to get their hands on one of the original albums. Which is not always that easy but worth the effort.

artist: S.Y.P.H.
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: lp, 12 tracks [VOD12]