System – Silicon Based

System from Sweden consist of Herr A. and Herr B. Their music is made without midi, as the liner notes state very specific. Music made without midi sounds most of the time very authentic 80’s and analogue. System has a more modern sound that is less typical analogue. The band plays electro that will do well in both the modern electro scene (some tracks) as the contemporary alternative dance scene (some other tracks).

Their sound is quite dark with touches of classic elektro but fused with the feeling of modern dance music at times. Pounding beats and catchy melodies go hand in hand with vocoder vocals.
Sometimes the melodies are a bit cheesy and kitsch and also the beats are at times too easy. But, I am sure that it works well on the dancefloor. And, the band has it moments. Absolute highlight is ‘Sleeping Beauty’, which is a danceable track but more tranquil and with a clear new wave sound.

For fans of releases like those of Suction Records, an act to check out.

artist: System
label: Lobotom Records
details: 3 tracks [LOBOTOM07]