Taba – Pure

A promo cd of Taba, an Italian musician who seem to be capable of playing various instruments and styles, and who is already active for a decade. At the moment he also has a cd out on the English Fiendrecordings label, with the title “Electronic transmission”. A lot is happening in the experimental music on this cdr, which is very hard to describe. Psychedelic and spacy are two terms which first come to mind. The opening track is quite tranquil and weird, it has dreamlike synths and sounds,and sparse and twisted spoken vocals, which come back in the other songs. Track 2, ‘Hiroshima 1945’ suddenly features quite hard rhythms, reminding of D&B. Track 3 also has energetic and even danceable rhythms, and also some dominating loud guitars. The fourth song, ‘Dream-land’ is more laidback again, and is my personal favourite, with broad psychedelic waves of sound.
The music on this cd is certainly intriguing and adventurous. In the 18 minutes of this cd as much happens as on some complete albums. So there are plenty ideas and originality, but I don’t find the compositions really convincing, and the sound doesn’t appeal enough to my personal taste. But if you’re fond of eclectic and psychedelic experiments, you could give this a try. There are plenty songs to be heard on the Vitaminic page of Taba and his related band Pan Pipes.
Worth mentioning is that this cd also a cd-rom part. It shows Taba’s discography, some photos, a colourful psychedelic videoclip to ‘Dream-land’ and 7 further mp3’s.

artist: Taba
label: self-released