Tattoed Boy From Birkenhead – Godfass Rain EP + Lucid Space Dream EP

Two EP’s by the Belgian band Tattoed Boy From Birkenhead (TBFB) found their way to me. On the self-released Godfass Rain EP there are four tracks of moody and down tempo shoegazer music. This genre seems to be revived lately as many new shoegazer bands are active at the moment. The music on this EP has a tranquil and sort of smoky mood like that of the Tindersticks.

The Lucid Space Dream EP contains five songs in the same vein. Only the music on this second EP is a bit more psychedelic. It also features some louder and distorted guitars which give the music a more energetic feeling than on the first EP.

TBFB creates a nice dreamy atmosphere, but should work a little on the songwriting. Sometimes it is hard to keep your attention to the music as not much happens. Besides that TBFB show they are capable of producing some fine dreamy shoegazer sounds.

Available through hospitalfood.be.

artist: Tattoed Boy From Birkenhead
label: self-released
details: cd-r, 4 tracks / cd, 5 tracks