TBTTBC – Music for Computers

25 songs in 47 minutes, that reminds me of the days I used to listen to The Ramones and other 2-minute punkrock wonders. Though TBTTBC has the same DIY mentality, the music of this Belgian act is no punk but experimental industrial noise. In their words: “these recordings contain digital hiccups for your listening pleasure”. Well, if it would be a pleasant aural experience for most people I doubt. Songtitles like ‘Under attack’, ‘Your speakers are going to love this’, ‘A painful experience’ and ‘I kicked the angel’s butt’ are perhaps closer to the truth. The titles show that they don’t take themselves to seriously, which is further proved by the bandname, which stands for ‘To Be The To Be Continued’.

Distorted noises and industrial rumblings are mixed with squeaking computer sounds to make sure you stay awake. The songs are not rhythmic or melodic, just droning layers of noise with strange sounds. The sound of TbTTBCD often reminds of classic oldschool industrial. It is combined with thick dark ambient layers and more experimental, improvised passages. I assume that analogue and digital sources are combined with sampled sounds. Sometimes this cd has the feel of a parody. Unexpected surprises like an acoustic guitar or peculiar voice treatments are also on the menu. Lo-fi industrial which is actually quite entertaining.

artist: TBTTBC
label: self-released