Teatro Satanico / Muzakiller – Untitled

This mysterious duo from Venice is also known sometimes as ‘Teatro Satanico Charles Manson’. They have produced a lot of obscure and limited releases on tape, vinyl and cd-r since the early 90’s, including collaborations with Novy Svet. This untitled album (their first ‘real’ cd) is limited to 666 copies and includes a satanic tale and surreal drawings in the booklet.

The music is like expected not instantly accessible, but chaotic and noisy. The first two tracks are mostly dominated by heaps of repetive (ritual) percussion) and further adorned with weird samples and even stranger voices. ‘Bastardo!’ is the most violent piece with a relentless industrial sound with sampled guitars and irritating vocals. Tracks like ‘Programmazione Neurolinguistica’ and ‘Nichilismo Teontologico’ are dark droning pieces with a distorted talking voice on top of it.

This is of course not an album to play if you want to make a good impression on your mother-in-law, but it’s certainly a piece with a high cult factor. By the way, it’s an enhanced cd, which means that you are also treated to a video created by underground art collective Muzakiller; sort of a bizarre cartoon about a ‘bambina’ in a ‘grande città’, who doesn’t do very nice things to her family. I can’t grasp the complete story, but it’s slightly different than a Disney cartoon…

artist: Teatro Satanico
label: Sottomondo Edizioni
details: cd, 8 tracks + mpg video, 2006