Teatro Satanico / Novy Svet – Confesso Tutto!

Punch Productions is an Italian label that releases obscure and weird music. This 7″ single is a split release between Novy Svet and Teatro Satanico.

Both bands play the song ‘Confesso Tutto!’. The original version is by Teatro Satanico and has a dark and scary atmosphere, this due to the pulsating minimal electronic sounds. Their version is a drone on top of which a voice is talking in a haunting way.

Novy Svet brings the listener a total different version. Their typical crazy jazz music gives the song a much less scary tone. Especially the piano melody makes the track rather playful.

This 7″ shows a weird but successful combination of musicians. Only few labels dare to release something like this.

artist: Novy Svet
label: Punch Records
details: 7", 2 tracks [PP02]