Tekniq – Shazbut

The second cd of Tekniq is released on Hive Records. It is said to be simply good music. The promo letter promises me one of the best records when it comes to IDM. A record that mixes IDM trip-hop melancholica and scattered glitchcore.

And then you play the record. The beats and structures in general are nice, but the melodies. I dare not to talk about them. Weak basslines, weak melodies. Everything done before. It is not a shame to copy, as long as people are able to copy well. This is clearly not the case when it comes to this Tekniq release. The sounds are, uninspired, the melodies simpyl too easy, making this release simply too cliche.

Sometimes I get the hope the cd will change for the good, when a nice sound kicks in, or a good beat structure sets in, but everytime, the fat synth sounds come in again and ruin everything with their misplaced half happy half melancholic sounds.

This cd is one of those cd’s to stay away from, except if you like fat synth sounds, combined with fake scratch sounds, pling ploing melodies, etc. If this is simply good music, I fear the day I will have a really bad release to review here.

artist: Tekniq
label: Hive Records
details: 19 tracks [HIV.09]