Telerotor – Mobilität

Telerotor is a project by Roger Rotor and Telepherique. This second album is a conceptual record dealing with mobility and its effects on people and their daily lives. The artwork of this cd is really wonderful. It is a beautiful digipack with a pop-art-like design of a train in the Swiss (?) mountains on it. There is also a nice booklet with pictures from old trains and modern highways in it.

Mobilität really takes off, as the first track is build around industrial sounds representing a train leaving a station. Kraftwerk has done something like this before but in a very different way.

This album takes you aboard for a journey. The tracks differ between monotonous pounding beats (representing motion) and somewhat more quite pieces (representing stops). Thus listening to Mobilität is like being in motion yourself with a occasional slowing down or pause to enjoy the countryside you are travelling through.

Often conceptual records are very hard to listen to and enjoy. Luckily this one is interesting and pleasant to listen to. Europa Endlos…

artist: Telerotor
label: Ant-Zen
details: 11 tracks, 2005 [ACT170]