Tempesta Noire – Eternally

I already owned the second and third single release of Tempesta Noire (see the review archives), so when I came across a copy of their debut 7″ recently, I could complete the trilogy. This is actually a promo copy, and it contains a short biography and discography of the band.
As I said this is their debut 7″, Tempesta Noire released three tapes before. The band consists of Alexis von Poser (vocals, keyboards, percussion) and Michael Kohl (guitars, keyboards, percussion). They are influenced by bands such as Sol Invictus, Death in June and Current 93. But besides neo-folk, you can also find dark wave, ambient and tribal elements in their music.
The A-side contains the song ‘Eternally (Vanishing Awareness)’. It’s an excellent song with classical and folky elements. It contains acoustic guitars, good low male vocals and nicely flowing keyboards. The atmosphere and lyrics are very romantic.
The B-side has two songs on it and has to be played on 33 RPM, strange enough. ‘The errantry’ has more of a darkwave feel to it, it reminds me a bit of Deine Lakaien. It’s a good song, with dominant string sounds. ‘Tidal currents’ is the short final piece, a slightly bombastic neo-classical track. Well executed, perhaps comparable to Stoa or Regard Extreme.

artist: Tempesta Noire
label: Rosenfeuer
details: 7', 3 tracks, released in 1998