Tempesta Noire – The outset for…

Earlier today I review the latest single from Tempesta Noire, ‘Wolves and cathedrals’. I liked it so much that I didn’t hesitate when I saw this older single for a reasonable price at a record fair. The two tracks on this release were recorded in 1999. Just as on their new single, a lot of attention has been paid to the design and package: a nice cover, an insert sheet with information and a thick vinyl single.
In comparison to their new work this single sounds less folky. ‘The outset for’ is more of a gothic ballad, performed tastefully. The B-side, ‘Time’, is more poppy and synthetic, and contains some vocals from guest vocalist Oliver Theile (Ariane 5) that remind me of the late Falco’s Sprechgesang!

artist: Tempesta Noire
label: Rosenfeuer
details: 7' single, 2 tracks