Temps Perdu? – Earth Story

Here we have a very pleasant cd, quite relaxing, without becoming dull easy listening. Temps Perdu?, despite its French name, is a German act. It consists of Catherine Ledit (synths, dreampipe, flutes, rattles, zither and more) and Dirk Grutzmann (synths, samples, sequencers, grooves and more) and this is their third and latest cd, released in 2000. It was their first cd in five years, the composing and recording of these songs was done over a number of years. The music indeed sounds as if it’s made with a lot of care and precision. The musical style of Temps Perdu? can be described as atmospheric ambient, mixed with ethnic and natural elements.

“Earth Story” is indeed a good title for this album, the music really sounds organic and in touch with nature. The music also has a mystic, almost religious character. There is a perfect combination of electronic ingredients with soft tribal percussion and various ritual and natural sounds. The production is very good, the sound is very clear and spacious, which suits the desert-like music well. I think it would perfectly fit a documentary about travelling through the extensive plains of Africa. Though there is quite some percussion present, it is done in a tranquil manner, it makes you tap your feet at times, but it doesn’t invite you to a ritual dance. No, this is music to relax to, and to let your mind drift away. These lovely soundscapes take you on an exotic trip for over an hour.

artist: Temps Perdu?
label: Amplexus
details: 6 tracks, 64 minutes