Terminal 11 – Illegal nervous habits

Imagine listening to Aphex Twin’s IDM (‘Intelligent’ Dance Music). Remember that funny clip ‘Windowlicker’ in which Richard D. James does this little umbrella-dance to erotically arouse two ghetto-whores, that, enchanted by his lunacy, get his deformed head on their marvellous bodies? Well, take that song, that clip and image it playing on high speed. Imagine Aphex Twin being an even more annoying ADHD-kid on amphetamines making music much faster than he already does, with even more cut-ups, breaks, switches and swatches and you get a little idea of what Terminal 11 ‘Illegal nervous habits’ sounds like. That would be: total fucking madness. The additional info describes Terminal 11 differently:

‘Imagine a million bits of information flying through the air, and watch these bits weave and dive like a ballet on PCP. Then, as you’re just getting bored, these bits make pictures of your friends laughing and having the best fun they ever had. Yeah, that’s trippy isn’t it? Well this album is just like that, and MORE.’

It sure as hell is trippy, very tight and lucid also, but just as I get bored, I don’t see pictures of friends laughing and having fun. I feel itchy and annoyed, irritated and nervous, kranky and fucked up and I think: stopthisrecordstopthisrecordstopthisrecord.

artist: Terminal 11
label: Cock Rock Disco
details: 9 tracks, 35 min, 2004