Terminal Sound System – RH-8SB

This release by Terminal sound system on Release entertainment, is a re-release. The original album came out on Embryo Recordings, Australia. Not much information is to be found on Terminal Sound System. There is one more Terminal sound system cd released, “Black note EP” from 2002, on Embryo recordings. The other releases “Watcher” and “Solaris”, are both mp3 releases, both also on Embryo. The CD credits STK for all sounds. Nothing more is to be found.

TSS uses glitchy sounds, and deep (sub)bass sounds to create his dub techno influenced beat patterns. The rhythms build up very slowly, creating a dreamy atmospehere. All songs have a ambient layer in them, making the atmosphere even more dreamy. All songs use the same sounds, but TSS is able to give each song something unique, that will keep you listening.
That is both the strong and weak point of the cd. If you don’t like the sounds or the way the songs are slowly building up, you will be annoyed by it. If you are able to focus on the music, you will be in for a hypnotizing musical trip, combining dub techno influences with ambient and glitchy sounds.
This is a cd to fall asleep too, but most surely not because it’s boring.

artist: Terminal Sound System
label: Release Entertainment