Terminal Sound System – Solaris

This release on Hive Records is a re-release of the debut cd by Terminal Sound System. It is being released on Hive Records, in a limited edition of 100 copies.

Terminal Sound System creates deep bass heavy breaks mixed with ambient, illbient and noisy bits. Turn up the volume and you will surely feel the basses pass right through you.

This release is full of detail, the (sub)bass layer is deep and in one word very deep. Slow breakbeats are present at all time, as well as many strange sounds. Although all very well done, this is not the most orginal release I can think about, and the amount of distortion and nosie used cannot hide this. Sure it’s deep and heavy, but I’ve heard it all before.

I personally was more impressed by Terminal Sound Systems release on Relapse, that features more minimal ambient tracks and is, unlike this release, original. This re-release is very well done, but if I want to hear sub-bass heavy music I rather play some of the excellent Scorn releases, instead of this. I do recommend to check out this release of you are into bass heavy noise breakbeats.

artist: Terminal Sound System
label: Hive Records
details: [HIV.05]