Terror Organ – Buzzbomb

The artwork looks aggressive, extreme and threatening. Well, and so is the music. Low machine rumbles, a threatening horn-like loop and high frequencies, directly set the tone…Harsh distorted vocals further ‘enhance’ the atmosphere, which gets thicker and denser. Terror Organ is the project of Pete and Lea Helmkamp, and this is their first full-lenght album. Together they handle all kinds of machinery, but also more traditional elements like basses.

Terror Organ creates death industrial, which is raw and aggressive. The sound is rather ‘classical’, but certainly gets some identity through the nice use of vocals and samples and the variety of the album. The tracks range in lenght from 1 to 11 minutes, and the compositions vary from short noise blasts to epic structures. Some songs even have melodic elements, and the use of organic basses give a few tracks a raw and direct feel.
‘Orgastic Futgurations’ is one of the highlights, a harsh rhythmic powernoise track with porn samples, it sounded very powerful when I heard it in a dark sweaty club recently. I think most music on this album could best be appreciated at high volume in some decayed concrete building, more so than when listening to it at home.

artist: Terror Organ
label: Rectrix, the
details: 9 tracks, 58 min. TF7