Terroritmo – AºF

When a band has a name like Terroritmo you might expect heavy industrial / rhythmic noise. This is not the case. Terrortimo is an industrial project but one that focuses on the more subtle and experimental side of the genre. There are a few harsh eruptions on the record but overall this album is more a sound collage with quite, at times shamanistic, ambient sounds.

In some instances the music is reminiscent of early experiments with electronic music, as in ‘Rituale A’, which sounds a bit like White Noise. But mostly Terroritmo seems to be influenced by old industrial groups. Their music makes me think of 80’s groups like Lustmord, SPK and Gerechtigkeitsliga, like the tracks ’Ton? l’ and ‘Chwal’.

Aqua Foco is a record for the more experienced listener. It is good to hear that there are still groups that know where industrial music comes from, use that as reference for their own music and not just make some (simple) heavy noise.

artist: Terroritmo
label: Punch Records
details: lp, 6 tracks [PP04]