The Lucy Show – Mania

Words-on-Music keeps on finding almost forgotten gems from the new wave/postpunk period. This time they present an album by The Lucy Show, a group formed in London by a pair of Canadians. Mania is their second album from 1986 and long out of print.

Though I read about comparisons to The Cure and Jesus & Mary Chain, I think that in general The Lucy Show sounds more civilized and radio friendly. I would rather call their sound ‘indie guitar pop’ than postpunk or new wave. There are a few quite laidback and atmospheric songs, like the nice ‘Sad September’, making me think a little of The Church. There are also some more uptempo rocking pieces, like ‘Sun and moon’. ‘Melody’ indeed reminds of JMC with a similar guitar sound and 60’s surf references, though with a cleaner sound.

There are at least two classic songs on this album which are real earwurms. Though I was not that familiar with the name The Lucy Show before hearing this album, I instantly recognized the song ‘Million things’. This is a nice swirling song with a catchy refrain. Harmonica and organ nicely colour the song. Another attractive song is ‘New message’, which features prominent trumpet parts. It’s light and poppy and almost cheesy, but nevertheless irrestible, at least I find myself singing along instantly. Both songs are also available in alternate versions.

This reissue contains the original 10 album tracks, of course with remastered sound. There are no less than seven bonus tracks and even a video clip to “A Million Things.” A nice fresh album with a good deal of variation and some attractive songs.

artist: Lucy Show, The
label: Words on Music
details: cd, 17 tracks, 2005 [WM18]