The Moon and the Nightspirit – Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold

The name of the band and the style of the artwork already gave me a clue what kind of music to expect. The Moon and the Nightspirit, a duo from Hungary, creates ethereal music full of mystery and romance. On their debut album they offer nine purely acoustic songs with clear folkloristic and medieval elements.

“Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold” certainly is an enjoyable album. Artwork and lyrics which deal with fairytales, nature and gods form a consistent unity of high quality together with the instrumentation and compositions. The clear ‘heavenly’ voice of singer Agnes is pleasant to listen to and her violin playing nicely colours the songs. The acoustic guitar and bass of Mihaly form a good company, together with the somewhat tribal percussion of guest musician Gabor Vegh. Woodwinds and piano take care of the finishing touch.

The album, which lasts les than 40 minutes, has a good variation between softer, romantic pieces and more uptempo, melodic and rhythmic tracks. Especially ‘Égi Táltos’, ‘Beloved Enchantress’ and ‘Pagan’ belong to that latter category and should tempt little elves to perform a gracious dance.

artist: Moon and the Nightspirit, The
label: Equilibrium Music
details: cd, 9 songs, 2005 [EQM008]