The Phantom Limbs – Random Hyms

Most of the work of The Phantom Limbs is not very accessible. This 12” might therefore come as a pleasant surprise. This release is relatively easy to digest in comparison with the other releases.

Especially ‘Topanga Canyon Torture’ is a highlight and for a change suitable for the dancefloor. The nice thing is that while being more accessible the band still sounds as neurotic and spastic as ever. Also the spooky mood is still present of course.

‘Jackalope Rising’ is the one more experimental track. It is a long and psychedelic track with weird samples and some moments of chaos. ‘Cobrador Minutero’ closes the record in a somewhat 60’s punk / cabaret style. This song is sung in Spanish and features a trumpet. It is a nice surprise and perfect last track for this record.

Possible Random Hyms is the best release to date by The Phantom Limbs and makes me curious for what else is to come.

artist: Phantom Limbs, The
label: Hungry Eye Records
details: vinyl - 12”, 5 tracks [EYE08]