The Psychic Paramount – Live 2002 The Franco-Italian Tour

I like The Psychic Paramount’s formula: mix the traditional trio of guitar, bass, and drums with a heavy dose of lawless spontaneity. Much is still possible with these three instruments, The Psychic Paramount shows, even a bit of rock-n-roll.

Improv, whether it is rock, noise, or other, holds a potential unlike the more standard styles of music. This potential can be harnessed, or lost- left tumbling into absurdity. I was pleased to discover that the Psychic Paramount does not let this potential go untapped!

‘The Franco-Italian Tour’ comes after the band’s well-reviewed debut album ‘Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural’, and highlights some of the moments when the power of live improvisation has been harnessed and unleashed into a stampede. “Perpignan Pt.One” is lengthy jam, one that rises and falls, with waxing and waning intensity, and is one of my favorites from this collection of live material. More paranormal moments are captured with “Ex-Visitations”, “Paris”, and “Napoli”, which play on repetition, delay, and freakouts to produce pure psychedelia. Well done!

artist: Psychic Paramount, The
label: Public Guilt
details: cd, 6 tracks, 45:43 minutes [PG006]