The Search – S/T

The Search is a band from Sweden who independently released their self-titled debut album. The band also has various cd-r productions available at their website. Like many young bands at the momoment, they’re clearly inspired by gloomy music from the early 80’s. The Search does not play an aggressive post punk style, but opts for a restrained, melancholic guitar wave style. That means wavy, textured guitar melodies, atmospheric synths and a solid rhythmic foundation. The vocals and lyrics are drenched with (sad) emotion. Furthermore there are occasional cello and violin sounds.

This is certainly a pleasant album to listen to, though there are not too many songs among the 13 compositions that really stand out and stay in my head afterwards. The Cure is an obvious reference in songs like Black Rainbow and Infection, the latter being of the most compelling tracks in my opinion. Also nice is ‘Collapse of the imagination’, a quite poppy song with female lead vocals, which brings the necessary space and variation. I also quite like the very atmospheric, almost shoegaze-like guitar work in ‘From bonds to chains’. I’ve played The Search various times now, and it still grows on me.

This album is available through Red Run Records.

artist: Search, The
label: self-released