The Weegs – The Million Sounds of Black

The second album by The Weegs is all you might expect. As on there debut the band delivers a nervous, neurotic and spastic post punk / no wave sound. They mix elements of Pere Ubu, Birthday Party, The Residents and early DEVO. This explosive stylistic blend results in music that is not easy to digest but worth every try to swallow it.

You could say this is over the top arty and freaky music made as anti-entertainment. This is basically true, but The Weegs succeed in making it entertaining after all. As The Million Sounds Of Black shows a band that is also capable of taking a step back from the fast forward punk craziness. While doing that The Weegs create weird down tempo hypnotizing pieces somewhere between avant-garde pop and free jazz.

This is what makes The Million Sounds Of Black a great record. There is more diversity as before, but all is done within the now established typical Weegs sound. Excellent!

artist: Weegs, The
label: Hungry Eye Records
details: cd, 9 tracks [EYE10]