Theorem – Total war

Theorem is the project of C.S. Hauser from Germany, who was untill now best known for his creations in the field of visual arts. The label Terror Productions is a newcomer, and its name hints at the musical mayhem they promote. On this cd nine tracks can be found in the field of industrial noise and power electronics. It does not sound very original, but it’s harsh and loud and makes you move.

Hammering monotonous beats, distorted bass, angry shouting vocals, various (speech) samples and industrial sounds. The absolute highlight for me is ‘Cynical Prayer’. It may resemble the sound of Haus Arafna very closely, with a aggressive and minimal sound and especially similarity in vocal style, but is well done and effective. Excellent is the dense and threatening rhythmic powernoise of ‘Ms. Antrophy’, in the manner of Genodice Organ or Thorofon. Also very good is the cold and nasty ‘White sonic’, in the best Dive-style.

An album filled with aggressive noise and a misantrophic worldview. Though “Total war” may not lead to revolutionary new insights, it is strong material to make you move, which will be welcomed at every industrial/noise party.

artist: Theorem
label: Terror Productions
details: 9 tracks