Third Eye Foundation / Jochen Gerner – Oumupo 1

This new release by Third Eye Foundation is part of the Oumopo project as started on the French label 0101, a side label of Ici d’ailleurs. The idea is to take samples from the catalogue of the label and rework them following some strict rules. Besides getting a cd, you also get a 16 page comic book by Jochen Gerner. The comic book is also subject to a few strict rules, and is also based on reworking the material of other artists.

The music on the cd is as you would expect from Third Eye Foundation. Deeply melancholic, strange and at times alienating. But above all it is beautiful. The deep melancholy so typical for the last few releases of Matt Elliot is present in each track, even though all the samples used are not by the hand of Matt Elliott.

Given the idea that this is basically a remix project it can only be positive that the signature of the remixing artist is so clear. But Labeling this release as a remix project is not fair, as the artists are only allowed max. two samples form one release. The strict rules of the project make sure that the source material becomes varried, and that the resulting tracks are still a real composition, and not just more remixes.

The comic book by Jochen Werner is wonderful drawn sequence of drawings that seem to evolve around rain. There is no clear story. Sadly I am no expert on comic books, so I can’t find the ‘remixed’ orginal drawings in the book. To me it is a very nice addition to a wonderful CD.

Oumopo starts with a wonderful first release. Incorporating music and comic books is a good idea in this case, both have been created following similar rules, and sharing the rules creates a unity. I can only be curious what the next part will be like, and the next. Highly recommended!

artist: Third Eye Foundation / Jochen Gerner
label: 0101
details: cd + comic (oumupo 1)