This Fish Needs A Bike – Between A&B

This Fish Needs A Bike (TFNAB) is without a doubt a weird name for a band, but don’t let this scare you as the music on this cd is really worthwhile. The sound of this synthpop act is modern but still has an analogue feeling due to the mechanical sounding beats and the minimal elektro approach.

Eddie Bengtsson, the one behind this music, has a lot of experience in this music. He wrote some of the hits for S.P.O.C.K. for example and has been active as a musician since the 80’s. This experience can be heard on an instant hit as ‘The Drone’. A very addictive song that sets the tone for the record as a whole. Also nice is ‘Crash’ that has a very 80’s pop feeling and even a bit of a NDW touch.

Another fine example of the songwriting skills of this musician is ‘Do it’, which starts out as a modern EBM kind of track but evolves into an (almost too slick) poppy track with a very catchy 80’s like melody.

TFNAB has produced a very enjoyable album. The songs on this record are high quality electronic pop music.

artist: This Fish Needs A Bike
label: Energy Rekords
details: 13 tracks [ERC158]